Inner Zen Coaching

A 3 month journey made to boost your self-compassion, up-level your self-worth and feel at peace as your most authentic self.


Hey there, spectacular human

Are you ready to deep dive into some epic self-growth?

As busy people, we tend to put off doing things for ourselves. Or we wait until our challenges are at the point of being unbearable before we seek support.

Let's change that narrative.

You deserve to do something for yourself just because you bloody want to. You deserve to feel like you are capable of accomplishing your wildest dreams. You deserve to have the opportunity to evolve into the person you've always wanted to become.

Let me be there to cheer you on every damn step of the way


Do you:

  • Feel like your inner critic never shuts up?

  • Find it difficult to deal with overwhelming emotions?

  • Want to implement boundaries but don't know how?

  • Feel bombarded by unhelpful thoughts?

  • Play it safe even though have big dreams?

  • Are you self-critical and struggle with self-compassion?

  • Constantly give to others without giving anything to yourself?

  • Find it difficult to manage stress and burn-out?

  • Feel overwhelmed completing tasks in your day to day life?

  • Always say yes when others ask something of you, even when you want to say no?

  • Self-sabotage and behave by acting in ways that don’t align with your true, self but don’t know how to change?

  • Struggle to identify & communicate your needs?

  • Feel generally unhappy with your life?


Would You Like To:

  • Clearly identify your triggers and learn how to move past them?

  • Have a wide variety of coping strategies to use whenever you need them?

  • Learn more about how trauma impacts your brain, body and behaviour?

  • Reclaim your me time rather than giving it to everyone else?

  • Be more connected to your body in order to learn how to listen to it?

  • Gain confidence and self-love?

  • Feel comfortable sitting with uncomfortable emotions?

  • Transcend your thoughts and feelings rather than become them?

  • Know how to validate and communicate your feelings?

  • Create an achievable self-care routine that is flexible with your energy levels?

  • Be empowered to create strong boundaries and speak your truth?

  • Be in the driver's seat when it comes to your thoughts and emotions?


Then my 1:1 coaching might be for you!


A bit more about me ...

My set of skills & knowledge are quite unique as not only have I studied Psychology for 4 years at university, I also have my own prior experiences with mental illness. While my formal training in mental health provides the foundation for my work, having faced my own challenges with my mind means I truly understand what it feels like to be plagued by unhelpful thoughts and uncomfortable emotions.  

I also know the importance of focusing on individual strengths and exploring avenues that will promote mental wellness, rather than zoning in on symptoms and what needs to be 'fixed'.

From pain and suffering comes blossoming and growth: I'm extremely grateful that I get to use what I’ve learnt through my personal healing to help others have the same progress. You are absolutely capable of achieving your goals and kicking butt all on your own. Although, imagine if we combined forces and could accelerate that process, all while you had someone to hold space for you when those pesky road bumps in life arise.

Let me tell you this.
I can honestly say when I started investing financially and energetically into my self-growth, only then did I truly begin to flourish. Having knowledgeable people in my corner gave me the power and push I needed to wrangle my thoughts and find the necessary strategies for maintaining my wellbeing.

Now I’m supporting others to do the same. Ready to amplify your own mental wellness?



I was referred to Paige at a time when I was really struggling to get through each day of my life.  I was sceptical at first, thinking I was beyond help, but here I am three months later, totally in touch with my emotions and totally at peace with who I am. Paige was a constant ‘ray of sunshine’ who would respond to my messages with suggestions that were appropriate and achievable, and sympathetic to my personal situation.  Paige assessed my personality type and my needs through our Zoom meetings and our messages and developed strategies which helped me deal with my unpredictable emotions and my reactions to situations.  She taught me to love myself, and to feel worthy of self-care, which has totally changed my outlook on life.  I liked being able to message Paige when I was having a ‘crisis’ or was unsure of why I was feeling the way I was, and Paige would always respond with a positive message and an acknowledgement that I was strong enough to deal with any situation, as well as providing strategies to try.  I loved our fortnightly Zoom sessions, as we would look back on the last two weeks and have a great positive discussion about how far I had progressed, and we would look at what worked and what did not work for me, and why.  I cannot recommend Paige highly enough to anyone who needs help to discover their love for themselves.  With Paige’s guidance, I now feel stronger, emotionally, and able to deal with life without anxiety or self-criticism.  Thanks Paige, you are an amazing person and a beautiful soul.

I am incredibly grateful for Paige's support, it honestly means a lot. She may think "that's just what I do" but seriously, her guidance has gotten me through a very humpty dumpty time.

I really feel that the worksheets set me up with the tools I've been after for a long time. My years of being with a psych have been great, but I have felt stuck and some symptoms  have been difficult to shift. Setting goals and branching them out into finer steps have helped me to work through everything.

I can whole heartedly say Paige's coaching around further self-awareness gas really helped me to manage my nerves to not brush them off or let them simmer, and follow through with self-soothing.

Paige's support, resources, wisdom and extensive knowledge should be shared to those who are ready to take that leap into further self-discovery.

I contacted Paige because I was feeling unmotivated, had no goals and was struggling with anxiety. Paige has taught me strategies to help decrease my anxiety, such as techniques for breathing when things get difficult. She has also supported me through my goals we created at the very beginning and helped me when I had an interview. 

Her approach is not half assed and not sugar coated, it’s authentically tell it how it is which is incredibly validating. I never feel judged and I feel I am being heard. I have gained a lot of knowledge and I have enjoyed growing and learning what Paige has offered me. I would recommend this business 100%.


1:1 Inner Zen Coaching Package

Program Details

  • 3 month journey

  • Fortnightly 60 minute video call

  • Access to Paige 5 days a week via the messaging app Viber

  • Customised program tailored to your individual goals

  • Tools and resources to support your journey


If you'd like to express your interest in doing coaching with me, click the button below.



The packages are for those who:

  • Have tried therapy in the past, but felt like they required a more hands on approach

  • Are ready to commit the time and energy required for inner healing

  • Have developed some insight and awareness into their mental health/trauma

  • Willing to challenge and evolve their current mindset

The packages may not be for those who:

  • Have not processed their trauma at all

  • Are not in a place energetically to put in the work on their end to achieve their goals

  • Currently in crisis or are feeling that their trauma is still fresh

  • Are not open to holistic methods of healing or trying new strategies


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching focuses on the present and future. Coaches support people to create and achieve action orientated goals. Coaches do not diagnose or work with anyone who is currently in crisis. A coach is available to contact outside of sessions - basically the equivalent of having a cheerleader in your pocket. On the other hand, a therapist supports people who are experiencing significant mental illness or who are processing a traumatic event. Therapy focuses on unpacking past events and analysing how they impact you. Therapists generally don't offer contact between sessions.

How long is the program?

Each program runs for a 3 month period. This time frame allows me to gain a deep understanding into what has been happening for you, support you to establish goals then empower you to achieve them.


I understand that you may be feeling uncertain about committing 3 months of your life to completing a program. You've been juggling all of your life challenges for such a long time now. Please know, that you don't have to keep doing this alone. I have been there and while I was able to learn a lot through self-education, I know that if I had of given myself the gift of investing in a coach earlier I would have evolved much quicker. If you're feeling hesitant, fill out a coaching application anyway and we can chat about it on a call. I can't wait to hear from you!

Let's do this!


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