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What really ignites my soul is sharing my knowledge and life experiences so others can have the tools they need to thrive. Everyone deserves to know the strengths that they possess and be able to adopt self-love and compassion. You are the expert of your own life; my role is to simply give you the resources required to weather the storm.

How I know how to do this is because I’ve had to navigate the storm myself. My upbringing was tumultuous at times and I faced many adversities. For years, I struggled to be a fully functioning human being. I went from a straight A student to a high school dropout. I could not make sense of the intense emotions inside of me, so instead I harmed myself and withdrew from everyone. I felt isolated, hopeless and wholeheartedly believed I would not amount to anything.    

My self-growth journey has not been straightforward. Initially, each time I experienced another difficult situation that triggered unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, I would beat myself up and view it as a regression. What I eventually came to understand is that life challenges are unavoidable and will continue to occur. However, we are capable of acquiring coping skills to help us manage and holding the self-belief that we can conquer any challenge that arises. My intention as a coach is to impart this awareness onto my clients so they too can develop the resilience required to leap life's hurdles and finally find inner peace.

Today, I am a university graduate with an honours degree in Psychology, a mental wellbeing coach, an amateur surfer, a lover of nature and a globetrotter always looking forward to another adventure. Where I am now is light years from where I started. If you are willing to show up and do the work, you can absolutely reach the place of being at peace with your mind and finding your authentic self.

Take the chance, get the guidance you need and deserve, and watch yourself completely evolve. I’m excited to support your journey!


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We would like to acknowledge the Wadawurrung people as the Traditional Owners of the land where Inner Zen Coaching is based. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and elders past, present & emerging.

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